Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Does Hair Removal Lotion Work?

Wouldn’t it be great to finally be rid of unwanted facial and body hair? You can try some of the hair removal lotion on the market, but the huge percentage of these lotions aren’t effective, much more permanent. Still, for emergencies, it would be a good idea to have one hair removal lotion in your bathroom drawer.

On the other hand, a hair removal lotion needs to be used according to instructions or it will be a dud. Also, not all lotions come with the same set of instructions. In other words, you cannot never assume that application is the same regardless of the brand name.

A hair removal lotion is best and most effective after a shower, not before or during. This is because if you do it before or during, you risk infecting your skin. The pores open up during a hot shower, and will only close after being exposed to the cold or cold water. In addition, your skin is cleaner and this greatly decreased any possibility for infection.

Do conduct a skin patch test prior to applying to your face. It would be a pity to find out too late that you develop an allergic reaction to a substance in the hair removal lotion of your choice.

You should also never use it on areas where the skin has been broken like a gash, cut or wound. It could damage your skin permanently because of the chemical used.

There are hair removal lotions that work, but rarely on permanent hair removal. You have a better chance of finding a good permanent hair removal method on the internet. Not only will you be able to save a bundle, you will also be using better and the latest technology in hair removal. Just be sure not to use them for extended periods of time, especially the creams and lotions. 
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