Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review of No!No! Hair Remover

I used to be a shaver…and unfortunately, I had to shave at least every day to maintain the smooth skin I wanted. I felt like a cool wind would make my leg hairs grow! Gross. Being sick to death of shaving, I decided to hunt for something different – something that would give me a little freedom with the hair-growth, and something I wouldn’t have to do every day. My first attempt to find this product came in the form of hot wax – something I will never try again as long as I live.

I used the hot wax between my eyebrows and on my upper lip. Ripping that hair out was enough to bring tears to my eyes, and make me wish I had a punching bag nearby. It hurt for an entire day! Obviously, wax was not the solution to my problems. I even considered laser treatments, but didn’t want to pony up more than a thousand dollars to get my legs done. A friend told me about the No! No! Hair removal system and to be perfectly honest, I thought that friend was full of it.

I did visit the website though, and was convinced to give it a try. If it could really do all the website said—remove hair painlessly and make it more difficult for the hair to grow back—I wanted a part of that! I received the device and used it the very same day it arrived. I have to tell you that it did a wonderful job removing the hair. It was perfectly painless, and quick, and my skin was smooth and beautiful. That’s not the best part about No! No!, though.

The best part is that I’ve been using the product for more than 6 months now, and the hair that does grow back is so light and fine that my skin is totally smooth. No more black stubbles as thick as wires – and forget shaving every day! I absolutely love this product and not only do I recommend it to everyone I know, but my two sisters and mothers all received their very own from me as a gift. I can’t believe I went all that time shaving and secretly hating it when the No! No! hair remover has been available for as long as it has.

I love the No!No! hair remover product, and the cost is more than fair considering the value you receive!